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Prestige offers a complete fire and flood restoration service. Whether it is for the contents, building or both, as
part of our fire and flood restoration services we offer a full cleaning, decontamination and clearing service. We
ensure the removal of harmful contaminants and odours and prepare the site of the incident for any re-
instatement work required.

From the first call, we ensure that all safety aspects are covered. If there is a possiblilty that service to gas,
water and electrics have been effected by the fire or flood we will ensure that they are checked by an accredited
engineer. Any effected items will be tested and then made safe. If necessary we can arrange rewires and
replacement of fixtures and fittings. We can also arrange for any electrical item PAT tested.

As part of our restoration services we can offer building work, from making properties safe, to rebuilding walls.
Our builder can handle the whole spectrum both internally and externally. We replace walls, ceilings, floors
among other thing during the fire and flood restoration process ensuring that the property is returned to pre-
incident condition with the minimum of disruption.

We can arrange for painters and decorators to recreate the effected areas to how they were before the fire once
the building re-instatement work is complete.

We can also provide a restoration service if the wood or laminate flooring, or floors have been effected by fire or

Prestige can also provide de-humidifier hire service, to help manage the drying of buildings, Please ask for

We pride ourselves in being a one stop shop for all your fire and flood restorations and refurbishment projects. All
our work meet current building regulation standards in a quick and efficient time frame.
Flood & Fire Restoration
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